Kelly / S. San P.U.E.B.L.O Community Plan

Approved by the San Antonio City Council in 2009.

The Kelly/S. San PUEBLO Community Plan document was adopted February 2007. The purpose of this update is to re-examine the entire plan following the City Council initiated Comprehensive Re-Zoning and Plan Update which was adopted in June 2009. The June 2009 Phase 1 Plan Update examined approximately 86.26 acres out of 3,175 total acres. The Phase 2 Plan Update reviews the remainder of the community plan area in order to ensure compatible land uses and community plan goals. Phase 2, is a 3,089 acre area bound by Highway 90 to the north; Frio City Road, vacant stockyards, and Zarzamora to the east; Military Drive to the south; and Quintana Road, Imperial, Crickett, El Jardin and Kelly USA to the west, excluding the Phase 1
Update area.

Kelly Community Plan Update

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