Your Property is Important

Our unique approach to real estate has allowed us to grow our business to include some of the best people in the real estate industry. From multi-award-winning realtors to five-star maintenance companies and a wide variety of other offerings, we can help you keep your property active in the market while protecting your investment. Because of this approach, we’ve earned a reputation for excellence in the area that is second to none.



“After my wife passed away, I didn’t know what needed to happen at what time with the systems in our home. I was completely at wit’s end when a dear friend recommended Haven’s home maintenance service. Now my home is in good repair and it will continue working when it’s passed on to our children.”

-Matt Thomas


“When I got a new job in a neighboring city, I lost most of my free time and couldn’t keep up with my home. Though I could keep up with the basics, my lawn and landscaping was a mess! Haven Real Estate did an awesome job when they found a landscaper who could work with my schedule and had my home looking amazing again.”

-Janice Lewis